Motorcycle Insurance

If you love riding your motorcycle and you love the feeling of wind in your hair, it is important that you get the right motorcycle insurance. Most people do not realize that motorcycle insurance is quite similar to auto insurance. They are both similar in that they offer financial protection for both damages and injuries that you might sustain while riding your motorcycle. In Colorado, there are different types of motorcycle insurance and each covers the policyholder in a different manner. Here are some things that motorcycle insurance covers.

Comprehensive insurance cover

This is a cover that ensures both you and your motorcycle are covered in the event of an accident in which you were at fault. In case of an accident, the comprehensive coverage will pay for any damages to your motorcycle and also pay for any damages caused on another person's property. If you are not at fault, the comprehensive coverage will pay for your medical expenses. The comprehensive cover also covers for certain perils such as theft and fires.

Third party cover

Getting a third-party cover is a minimum requirement for an individual who owns a motorcycle. It helps pay for injuries or damages to another person who is the third party as well as their property. Note that third-party insurance does not cover your bike if you are involved in an accident.

Pillion cover

If you are a motorcycle owner and you intend on carrying a passenger, it is wise to get pillion cover. Carrying a passenger on your motorcycle is a huge responsibility and it is your responsibility to make sure that the rider is covered. Riding pillion refers to where you ride behind another person on a bike where you are just a passenger. Normally, pillion cover is not included in standard motorcycle insurance policies and you have to add it.

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