Home Insurance

Spontaneous perils such as burglary and fire could render your living space inhabitable. These perils also destabilize you financially as you attempt to carry out repairs or relocate. However, with a home insurance option, you can rest assured that you will be cushioned financially in such instances. At Shenandoah Insurance Agency Inc. we write home insurance in Colorado.

Here are our home insurance coverage options

Personal property protection

The personal property coverage option meets the repair or replacement cost of your personal belongings if they are destroyed by an insured peril such as fire. Personal belongings such as electronics are relatively expensive, and this coverage option can help you replace them easily.

Home structure coverage

This coverage option ensures your main home structure against perils such as fire and other insured risks. The option pays to repair the house and make it safe to live in again. Remember, this coverage option does not cover the secondary structures in your home such as garages.

Secondary structures coverage

Secondary structures include garages and stores in your home. These structures can be destroyed by hazards such as fire or other natural disasters. This coverage option meets their repair costs.

Medical costs coverage

Medical expenses for individuals injured in your home after a peril can dent your finances. This coverage option offers you some reprieve by meeting these medical costs. Remember this option is not a substitute for your health insurance as it only handles injuries resulting from a home-related peril.

Additional living expenses

An insured peril might render your home inhabitable. This coverage option meets your additional living expenses as your home is repaired.

Personal liability coverage

Legal suits resulting from individuals injured in your home after an insured event are common. This coverage option pays to represent you in court and helps you pay the damages awarded by the court.

At Shenandoah Insurance Agency Inc. we work with experienced agents who will guide you on the ideal coverage options for your home. You can also visit our website for a free estimate of your preferred coverage options.