Auto Insurance

As a car owner in Colorado, it is vital that you take up auto insurance for your vehicle. Auto insurance protects you financially in case an insured such as theft or accident renders your vehicle unusable. At Shenandoah Insurance Agency Inc. we write auto insurance in Colorado.

Here are some of our auto insurance coverage options

Liability coverage

After an auto accident, there are bound to be multiple legal suits from the afflicted parties. In some instances, the court awards numerous damages to the plaintiff leaving you with a huge financial setback. However, reprieve lies in taking up a liability coverage option, which pays your litigation fees and helps you settle the damages.

Comprehensive coverage

The comprehensive coverage option covers Non-accident events such as theft and weather damage. These events are often spontaneous, and a financial back up will come in handy for you.

Personal injury coverage

Accident effects are often fatal, and in some instances, you can lose your income. Also, you might incur considerable medical bills, which can dent your finances. The personal injury coverage option enables you to fulfill your financial obligations as you recover from your injuries.

Collision coverage

The collision coverage option meets your vehicle's repair cost after a collision. If you reside in a busy neighborhood such as Aspen, you should consider taking up this coverage option.

Get auto insurance in Colorado today

At Shenandoah Insurance Agency Inc. we are committed to affording our clients ideal auto insurance solutions. Having served the region for years, you can rest assured that our coverage options will meet your auto insurance needs.

Get in touch with us today and speak to one of our representatives about an ideal auto insurance solution for your vehicle. Also, you can obtain a free quote of your preferred coverage options on our website.