Flood Insurance

Most people think of hurricanes that damage property worth millions when they hear floods. However, floods can be caused by less catastrophic events. Actually, a few inches of stagnant water can cause damage to property worth thousands of dollars. As a homeowner in Colorado you need financial protection in the event there is a flood in your home. Flood insurance is important and here is what it covers.

Essential systems in the house

Systems in the house such as the water heaters, air conditioners, plumbing systems and electrical are covered under flood insurance policy. These systems can easily get ruined and damaged if there is a flood in your house.

Appliances in the house

If you have a home, you know how important some appliances are. These appliances include refrigerators, portable air conditioners, and freezers. It is also worth mentioning that the food in the freezer is also covered. Inbuilt appliances such as a washing machine, dishwasher and dryer are also covered under flood insurance.

Window treatments and floor carpeting

Window treatments such as blinds and curtains are also covered under the insurance policy. If you have had a carpet installed either over wooden floors or an unfinished floor and they get ruined by a flood, you can be financially compensated by the insurer.

Paneling, cabinets, and bookcases

If you had to permanently install some essentials in the house including cabinets, bookcases and paneling and they get ruined by a flood, you will be compensated for those that are damaged.

Foundation, Anchorage, and staircases

The foundation walls, staircases, and the anchorage systems are also covered. However, if the damage is caused by earth movement, there will be no compensation. Even if the earth movement has been caused by the flood, you will not be compensated.

Having peace of mind is important, and flood insurance gives you just that. To talk to the experts contact Shenandoah Insurance Agency Inc. in Colorado.